Anime Girls X Battleground: Free Fire Balls 3D


ATTACK = Left Ctrl

JUMP = Space Button

Play as Usagi and Kasumi in this 3d mobile fast paced action-adventure game trying to save Tokyo City from Ghouls and other horrible and monstrous fantasy creatures trying invaded and conquer the area. Turning the whole city into an Epic Battleground for you and your friend.

Through the various 3D platformer levels within this survival game. The enemies becomes Titans as you Attack them. You will level up your power and become hero of the Brawls stars academy if you beat the game by destroying all Enemies.

Make use of free fire balls to eliminate the various magical creatures and ghouls within Tokyo in order to prevent the whole earth invasion.

Game Features:
Awesome and beautiful 3D graphics.
This game is totally free and can be played offline.
This game doesn't require internet in order to be played.
Experience 3D graphics never seen before onto an indie mobile game.
Varying levels with different levels of difficulty.
Each level has it's own music.
Experience Smooth Gameplay and Touch Control like never before.
Explore vast city and level up your power as your destroy your enemies.
Unlock secret costumes for both Usagi and Kasumi on this mobile game for android.

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Enjoy the game and sends us screenshots if you reached the final stage.


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